Another weekend getaway

I so should NOT be taking the time to post this right now! Too much to do. But I want to post these pictures because they're, well, lighthearted. We took off for another weekend in Rockaway Beach, ending in Cannon. We've had this trip planned since June, so it's been something we've looked forward to since before Nathaniel even existed, to tell the truth! We knew it would be a special getaway; turns out it was incredibly timely! It rained a little, fogged much, but was so perfectly beachy. Ahh, glorious!


*FARMERS* said...

i don't know why you want to depress me?? i want romantic getaways to the beach! :) you two are so adorable, it makes me so happy that you have each other! i hope all is well, and i hope to have some time to talk to you soon. love you :*

*FARMERS* said...

i am ready for some new updates dearest! ;)

Nurse Lorrie said...

Hi Friends,
I check your blog all the time to see what's new. Peggy just returned from Mexico all tan. I hope things are good with Bible Study Fellowship.