Friends & Fam

I wanted to include some pictures of some of the people who so faithfully sat with us at the hospital, but I can't figure out their orientation. But you guys know who you are! We didn't get to see them all that often, but knowing they were there was encouraging. Honestly, going into this, Nate and I had no idea how we wanted things done. We weren't sure we'd want family or friends in the room at all, but we played it by ear, and I don't think we'd do it any other way! It was soo good to see so many faces...it broke up the four days a little bit. So kudos to all you for your faithfulness! It meant so much to Nate and I to have you there with us. We love you! I want to remember everyone who stopped by: Mom & Dad, Rae Ann, Stella, & Ivy, Linsea, Dave & Tiffani, Karen & Rick, Linda, Grandma Jo, Grandma & Grandpa Mac, Tim, Laurie, Diane, & Peggy.

Last weekend, Nate and I spent a good amount of time in solitude; well, practically. We spent a good deal of time on the phone reconnecting with friends/clients and working with Mom to plan the funeral. Suzi was in town (along with Karina - she could only stay through to Monday, though) so on Monday night we went out to dinner.

It was a fun way to relax a little before the funeral on Tuesday! The little girlies made it delightful :)

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