Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Did you know that October was deemed Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month by President Reagan in 1988? I had no idea. I first heard that last night at the baby memorial we attended at Portland Adventist. October 15th at 7pm is the time to remember lost babies all across the country.

Nate and I were a little nervous (me more so than him) at entering a room full of strangers with whom we would shortly be sharing our loss. It wasn't a therapy session, but rather just a reminder of our baby. A harpist played several pieces of music, an incredible soloist performed a song, each baby's name was called out and a leaf placed on a tree in their memory, and a doctor who experienced his own loss prayed. The service was perfectly timed, not too lengthy, not too short. We spent some time afterward connecting with couples who had lost little ones for various reason.

I'd never really thought about all the different reasons a baby could die. It was a bit shocking to hear some of the different stories, especially from couples who had no answers. It made me grateful that we know why Nathaniel died.

The only picture I have from last night was one I took with my phone as we left our neighborhood for the hospital. The weather the last few days has been incredible! I'm loving it!

We left the memorial last night with several things in hand: a baby gift from the hospital, the leaf with Nathaniel's name on it, a white rose with a pendant in the shape of tiny feet, and fudge (Laurie, it was probably some of the smoothest fudge I've ever had! Amazing!).

I had a couple more pictures I wanted to attach to this post, but blogger is being stubborn! I'll post them as soon as I can.

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the mama said...

there were a number of walks, ceremonies, and events around the country in commemoration of the day. i'm glad the hospital did something for you and the other parents. sounds like you guys are surrounded by great resources and lots of caring people. you're very lucky.

*FARMERS* said...

i am really glad you blogged about it. it sounds like it was another one of God's blessings for you guys. i am glad it turned out so nice, i was a little nervous too. i didn't know what it would be like, or if it would be healing for you. i am glad! :) miss you, and i love you!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that there seems to be so many out there to reach out to you and for you two to reach out to in return. You and Nate are continually in my thoughts and prayers.

GrannyNanny said...

It sounds like the baby memorial was really beautiful. I was reading Elizabeth's website after what you & Nate have been through and it is very moving. http://babygrief.com
If you have already seen it, maybe some of your readers haven't.
It's well worth the time.
Keep posting - your words are inspirational. I've known too many close friends & family who have lost unborn children and you speak about it in such a beautiful & hopeful way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nate & Robin,

I think about you alot. Thank you for your kind words about our First Ammual Remembrance Service. We are grateful that it blessed so many families. We will definitely do it again next year.

I went to a memorial for Hanna today. (You met her mom at the service.) They released a cluster of pink and one white balloon at the end of the service which was beautiful to watch as they floated up to the blue sky.

I'm glad you liked the fudge. It's a tradition to make it for special people in my life. :)

Hugs to you,
Lorrie, RN