CALLING ALL HER PEEPS (a guest post by the sister)

bed rest... ugh. there's really nothing worse when you're anticipating the arrival of a bebe. there's so much to do! there's freezers to fill! there's work to be done! not to fail to mention all of the research, decorating, and belly gazing.

due to the unfortunate requirement inflicted upon robbie from her lovely med-wife, i'm posting this guest (blog) request for help to stockpile the soon- to- be- sleepless- parents fridge with yummy food. it will be one less thing for them to think about while they (well, nate) break into a mad rush to prepare for their early girlie and it will be less cold cereal that nate is forced to consume do to robbie's current couch cushion crushing status.

i'm creating a schedule so that the growing family can stay well fed even after the birth of their bub. if you're available (and really love these guys), please consider offering more than one meal since this could be a long road of pregnancy, NIC-U visits and adjustments.

if you're not really into cooking or making good, old fashioned, baptist style casseroles, a pizza hut gift card would work just fine or even if you were able to provide some fast food, front door delivery service.

in the event that you are a culinary extraordinaire, keep these things in mind:
*robin is allergic to grapes & grape products (wine) & raisins
*she also cannot handle cabbage (also allergic)
*nate is really loving wine (and possibly all of it's effects, although this is unconfirmed since i didn't ask why) and will happily accept his own bottle even though his lovely, pregnant wife cannot have the boozy grape by-product (shame...)
*no cooked zucchini, eggplant, radishes, asparagus

they will happily receive and devour anything in a casserole dish that could be considered comfort foodie goodness. exceptionally yummy dinners in large quantities are also welcome since leftovers are great and food in the freezer is even better.

thanks for loving on some of my favorite people during such a difficult time. God knows that they've had their fair share of heartache and setbacks in the last year. my hope and prayer is that they can feel surrounded by love and embraced by the people that they call their village. the really awesome thing about friendship and family is that you always have someone to cry with, but you also will always have someone to celebrate with!

i'm looking forward to hearing from (all of) you and freaking out with sheer giddiness when my squishy little niece arrives! cheers!

***email me: stratorsgirl at gmail dot com to be added to the dinner delivery list.***


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