I saw Peggy (my nurse-midwife) today and walked away from that appointment with some good news! She had a typed report from the perinatal specialist about his findings from last Thursday (still hadn't actually spoken to him over the phone). She said that, according to his review of our ultrasounds, both from Thursday and from those we had taken before, he believes that the placenta has been working like it is right now for the duration of the pregnancy; translated - if that's true, she's been growing above and beyond and thriving the entire time with a partly working placenta, so we are safe to assume that we'll make it to 36 weeks or farther along with no trouble. (Peggy also told me that I can deliver at Portland Adventist at 34 weeks - yeah!)

I'm still set up to see the specialiast again on September 18th for anther biophysical ultrasound, but I don't think he expects to see much of us following that visit. Per his instructions, we're to visit Peggy once a week for stress-tests and we'll get several more biophysical ultrasounds over the upcoming weeks, but he seems to think her health will hold and she'll continue to grow right where she's at.

Because of the initial red flag, though, my bed-rest continues. Peggy is going to keep an excellent eye on her and I think we'll be okay! I get a second steroid shot from Peggy tomorrow (for lung maturation) and then we're on our own for about a week and a half until we see the specialist again.

This is good news and I'm feeling very encouraged! Of course, that's balanced by thoughts that this could change any day, and something else entirely could hurt her before the end, but overall this pessimistic girl is sensing some optimism on the horizon :)


GrannyNanny said...

That is very encouraging - hang in there Baby Girl Banks! :-)

*FARMERS* said...

that's really good news! our prayers are being heard :) i can't wait to see you soon! love you :*

Kathy said...

Awesome news! We'll keep sending prayers your way, they are obviously working!

Jenni said...

So glad to hear this! While part of me can't wait to meet your little girl, another part is hoping to wait awhile longer! ;-)

Jeff & Necia said...

SOOOO good to hear it! I hope the good news keeps on coming! Hope that keeps you going when you just can't stand the bedrest anymore (personally, I would go crazy!). Blessings!