Quick Trip

Man, my brain is fried. I'm sitting here trying to remember when we took this trip, but I can't! I think it was two Sundays ago. Nate's been busy working the other six days of the week, so Sunday makes sense. I'll pretend it was Sunday.

So on Sunday, January 25th, we decided to get out of the house after listening to a sermon pod cast - Nate let me sleep through the alarm. I was exhausted. We decided to brave the cold and take Hazel to Multnomah Falls. I dressed her to the max - thick tights, a onesie, fleece jammies, 2 pairs of socks, a coat, and a hat, not to mention the two blankets I was prepared to wrap her in.

Even with all of her layers we never got her out of the car at the falls. It was so cold, made even worse by the strong Gorge wind that was blowing. We'll go back when the weather is a bit calmer, I think.

[Nate driving]

[Hazel sleeping in the back seat]

[Um, me]

After the falls, though, we headed out to Mom and Dad's hangar to see them. It was a long drive from the Gorge, but it was fun - the poor plane looked like it had been in a wreck, though. It's going through it's annual physical examination. Poor plane has no privacy.

I have some fun pictures that are stuck on the camera right now. I'll find a way to get them off soon! I especially want to show you some before and after photos of the house. So exciting!

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