So we've moved! And yesterday we got our Internet finally set up so I'm back online...

I have pictures to post of the house before we moved all our junk in. And then, as rooms are completed, I'll post pictures of those as well!

Things are moving slowly here. It's taking mucho time to get things out of boxes and put in their rightful places. My day was made yesterday when Nate mounted our curtain rods and hung the curtains. Of course, I'd washed the curtains but not ironed them so everything is super wrinkly, but they're up! I decided to take them down one at a time to iron them and make things look really good around here. I can't find my dining room table - I can sure find all the boxes around it, and I can even get a peek at its four legs, but it's been awhile since I've seen the top. Someday...

Hazel is doing really well. She's growing like crazy, and her cheeks are beginning to even out. We're going to neurotherapy weekly to work out the torticollis (sp?) on her neck. Those weekly appointments are a surprise and blessing. They're being scholarshiped to Hazel - her PT feels that she really needs them but they're highly priced. Beyond our ability to pay. It's been a special gift from God that we're able to take Hazel to these appointments. The clinic is being so good to us.

(Oh, Necia, you know the PT - her name is Crystal and she was a grade behind you at Pacific. SMALL WORLD!)

Crystal shows me new exercises to do with Hazel at every appointment. We're teaching her to turn her head to both sides equally. Torticollis keeps her from turning her head to the right - at least it's hard for her. We're working to loosen the tightened, shortened muscles on the right side of her neck so that she can turn her head with ease; the ability to turn her head to the right will enable to use her right hand and arm more effectively, too.

Usually the pediatrician wouldn't catch torticollis until 8 or 9 months of age, but our pediatrician is a wonder and caught it early. So we're on the ball now and Hazel is improving! We're not sure how long we'll be going to these PT appointments - minimal, 6 weeks, maximum, she's walking.

It's a kick in the pants to watch Hazel at the therapy sessions, though - she's not a huge fan of Crystal because Crystal touches her neck. She doesn't like her neck being touched so she bunches up her fists and tightens into a near ball. I probably shouldn't laugh, but the look on Hazel's face kills me. So now we're working on "fun touching" of her neck (tickling and playing) rather than all business touching (stretching and cleaning out her crevices).

Okay, Hazel is chatting loudly next to me and wanting my attention. So now I'm off!

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