Hazel and the Tulip

These pictures are from probably a month an a half ago - I fully intended to post them promptly, but of course I didn't. Don't worry, I think I'll begin to get much better at this now that I'm no longer working at Starbucks. Did I mention that? Oh yes, handed in the green apron...I'm glad to be home with Hazel now. Not that my hours really took away from her, they were so limited. I was working three or four mornings a week 4:30am to 8:30am. When I returned from work, Hazel and I would lay down and nap together for a couple hours and then our day would really begin in the afternoon. I rarely spent any quality time with Nate - I'd fight to get into bed by 8:30 or 9pm most nights. But now I sleep as long into the morning as Hazel will let me, and right now she's napping while I'm updating this blog! Nate and I have been able to catch up and hang out together the last three evenings and it's been wonderful. So the world looks a little brighter with this simple change of a job.

Back to the pictures. Hazel sat with Nate one morning while we had breakfast together and it was *cute, fun, adorable, wonderful* (all sorts of girly terms can be used here).


rae ann said...

umm... okay, i LOVVVVVE that first pic (they're all cute, of course, but the first one makes my heart skip a beat)! you should frame it and pull it out every spring. my need for a hazel snuggle just doubled.

*FARMERS* said...

so very precious :)

i love nate's disheveled morning hair!

Necia said...

oh my gosh, these are ADORABLE!!!! love the look on Hazel's face! :)