Hazel and The Beach

After months and months of waiting we finally made a trip out to the beach! And it was just as fantastic as we'd hoped it would be - the weather was just right. It rained during the night but remained dry during the days, and even warm! There was a bit of a wind, but nothing truly outrageous.

For March, it was lovely.

We stayed in Twin Rocks again and took Hazel to God's Finger, Oswald West, and Cannon Beach. I think we'll hit Nehalem, Seaside, and North Beach on our next trip...which is in only a few weeks! Tis the season for beach trips...

We really enjoyed packing Hazel around. It was tiring but we took it in turns and had a blast. We discovered a new place to buy excellent fish and chips in Cannon Beach, so Nate is really looking forward to our next trip out there.

God's Finger:

Oswald West:

Cannon Beach:


Even thought it looks like we hit all these beaches in one day, well, okay so we did. It was a busy trip. We were late in getting out there so we really only had Sunday to trek around to all the stops we wanted to make. Hazel was a trooper!

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Tyler's Mom said...

Cannon Beach holds a very special place in my heart and in our family! I was so excited to take Tyler out there for the first time. I can't believe how quickly Hazel is growing...she is beautiful!