My "Sweet Cheeks" strikes again.

Hazel is busy with her various therapies this week. Yesterday we saw neurotherapist Crystal again - it'll be three weeks until our next appointment with her. Crystal has been thrilled by Hazel's progress, by all the rolling over, sitting up, and her new interest in standing.

Crystal worked Hazel on a big fancy swing for awhile, helping her strengthen her coordination and trunk muscles (and balance, I should say - the swing was a giant board with carpeting on it; Crystal sat on the back of the board and kept it in motion while Hazel dominated the rest of it by rolling everywhere and kicking her feet in ecstasy).

When we were done with the swing, we moved to our usual room, which is largely taken up by a raised platform with heavy padding on it. Usually Crystal has laid down a sheet (which is generally a huge distraction for Hazel - she works hard to pick the dolls, bears, flowers, and poka dots off the various sheets), but this time there was an 85cm yoga ball. Hazel spent most of the hour perched on top of it. I can't even begin to explain all the exercises we had her doing up there. Eventually, the exercises Crystal wanted her to focus on involved gently strengthening her back shoulder muscles (think wall push-ups). That's how I ended up taking this marvelous photograph. I've never laughed so hard.

Ah, my little Sweet Cheeks.

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