The last few weeks have been interesting around our household. Hazel has been putting her foot down in several areas.

Nursing has become such a task. She's super resistant so I've had to make some changes in the way I nurse. We now nurse in a pitch black room with only a fan making noise. I lie down on the guest bed with her and she nurses that way. She does better nursing now than a week ago - she had been pulling off and pushing away and thrashing and arching her back. I'm not sure what's going on; could be she's growing or finally teething. We'll see.

Also, we moved her naps from our bed to her crib. Yes, that's been interesting. She had been napping two to three times a day for two to three hours at a time, and it was wonderful! Well, she didn't like the transition to her crib. She began napping once maybe twice a day for an average of 30-45 minutes at a time. Yuck. Today is the first time she slept for two hours during one of her naps in the crib. I think, I think, she may be coming around to seeing things our way!

Nate and I have continued to set up house, and boy does it feel good! We went several months letting things just sit right where they were at, mid-progress toward being settled. This last weekend we worked on organizing the basement, and then we hung shades and curtains in our room. It's like it's done or something...there's nothing left for me to do to our bedroom. Huh. Weird.

I'll post some pictures of our house next and give you a virtual tour.

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