Hazel and her friend, Lucy.

Lucy was born two days after Hazel, right next door to us. I've been friends with Lucy's mom, Linsea, since we were 10, so this is a long relationship. I nearly died watching Hazel and Lucy together the other day. Their development is on totally different planes (blame it on the torticollis) so it was interesting watching the two move around at different paces, but they're still both six and a half months old, and that involves every equally squeally, drippy, and drooly thing that means "infant."

Hazel kept grabbing onto Lucy's shirt to bring her within reach, and then she would touch Lucy all over her head and face (Hazel is very tactile - if you've ever held her, you know what I'm talking about). Lucy would then suck on Hazel's fingers and hands. They were pretty content. Here's another poor quality video to give you a glimpse...

Up next: Beach trip to visit Mom and Rae Ann and the girls in Nehalem.

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