I was trying to organize all the videos I got off my phone yesterday and became distracted by old videos buried in my files. This first one is of Stella. She's fun to tease, let's just say. I call this one, "It's Mine," otherwise known as "Drop It Like It's Hot."

This next one is from a party at Hangar 52...Can't remember what it was for, though. Mom's birthday, I think. What sticks out most clearly in my memory is that this was the first time I really saw Ivy walking. Rae Ann and I had a conversation about this the other day, so this is for you, Rae Ann. I just kept thinking, "E.T., E.T." every time she walked without aid. I call this one, "Stella (& IVY'S!) Trike."

And here's Rameus on the beach at the Nehalem campground. Goodness, I miss him. He was a great dog. This one is, "Windblown Rameus."

And here's another dog video, this time of a super eager Dakota. Also on the beach at Nehalem campground. I present to you, "Dakota in the Surf." Thrilling title, eh?

So that's it for now. More to come. Promise.

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