Biking at the Beach

I dropped in on Rae Ann and Mom when they were camping at Nehalem Bay a couple weeks ago. Rae Ann and the girls decided to nap so Mom and I went for a bike ride with Hazel. Man, it was a hoot. The helmet was too big for Hazel's head, no matter how many times Rae Ann sized down the helmet for her. Mom took these pictures during the ride...

Hazel kept leaning forward and stroking my behind as we rode along. She's a very textile girl, but I think she was trying to keep her hands on me to know where I was. It's pretty obvious that she couldn't see much. Even though the helmet kept slipping down to cover her eyes, I never heard a peep from her! She never complained once. She had been crying like crazy before the ride, and I thought biking might calm her down - which it did, even though she couldn't see much.

What a trooper.


*FARMERS* said...

so cute! :) i was going to comment on the fact that you were practically sitting on her lap! ;) very funny!

Necia said...

that is so hilarious - both the the pic and the butt stroking! ;)