He gets it now...I think.

I have a white board by the back door that I write my life on. Nate looks at it very rarely (or so it seems). Yesterday he was putting on his shoes and started muttering.

"Glencoe? What's Glencoe? Wait...Glucose? 8:45, Peggy at 9:30. Huh?"

"Glucose. You know, the test I have to take to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes."


"Because we're in our third trimester..."

"That's ridiculous! Holy crap, you're having that baby soon!"

By this time I'm laughing pretty hard, but I had to ask...
 "What's the big deal with the glucose test?"

"Well, the last time you took your glucose test, you had Hazel, like, the next day."

(Which isn't true at all, but it gave me good insight into his thinking.)

You know, I think Nate gets it now: This kid is coming, whether or not we're ready!

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Necia said...

I was just thinking to myself today "I'll be in my third trimester in only a month and a half...holy cow!" (Nate and I think alike on that one!)...then I thought, "that means Robin is just entering her third trimester now!!" Congrats! Ready or not your baby girl is well on her way!!! (And, I think, crazy, weird..time goes by so fast!)