6 weeks later...

It's so crazy to me that six weeks have passed (or flown) by already. Piper is, well, she's here.

She survived an attempted murder at the hands of Hazel. Poor little Miss Hazel B. is actually totally oblivious to the humanness of Piper. I had to try to explain in the most simple terms that Piper feels pain like Hazel does, so hitting her across the head with a plastic tray table is not a good thing. Oh, and kicking her in the head is also totally unacceptable.

Hazel is two. Let's just say that to set the record straight. She's two. And she's finding her inner teenager. She loves to look at me out of the corner of her eye and say, "No." Half the time I haven't even said anything to her, let alone asked her to do anything or hand an item over.

Piper is crying now - shoot, I thought I had longer than 30 seconds to write up a blog post. Nope. Ah well. Anyway, to be brief: She is six weeks tomorrow. She has begun to make very focused and intentional eye contact. She has trouble burping and it's super annoying in the middle of the night when it takes an hour to get her to burp. She has baby acne now, which is so awesome. She was born at 6lbs 8oz, left the hospital at 6lbs 1oz, and she currently weighs 9lbs 5oz. I'm so proud of her! She has no chin to speak of (thanks, Nate; and I'm not just being mean, he owns that that trait is totally from him).

I'm recovering just fine. Thanks for asking. I had mastitis two weeks after Piper's birth and I'd really rather not repeat that experience. I'm a bit paranoid that it'll happen again. Yuck. Oh and I really suck at this whole two kids thing. I can't seem to find any balance. It usually ends up working out that one kid is totally ignored while I'm taking care of another. Everyone says that I'll get this figured out eventually, but I'm not so sure. I'll tell you in a year if I have it down yet.

I feel I should insert this bit of information somewhere, but it's awkward wherever I put it because it just doesn't flow. I'll just say it and be done with it: Our cat Franki died. Well, we had her put down. She was fading fast from throat cancer. I got up one morning and she couldn't meow any more. We didn't know what was wrong with her at that point but I had been communicating with a vet friend about Franki's weight loss and deteriorating condition so I took Franki to Jen that afternoon and had her put down. It was so sad for Nate and I. And now I think we have mice in the basement.

Okay, more later. I have pictures, they're just not on this computer. Again.

Did you know it's Fall already? My red apple candle is gloriously sputtering on the dining room table, I have wasil makings set aside, the leaves are changing color, I decorated in the spirit of Fall today...It's going to be an excellent season!


Anonymous said...

"...it's going to be an excellent season!"

WELL said! Oh, and great post. Pretty good for only having 30seconds. Makes me guilty for not updating mine.


Babbling Brook said...

I love your honesty my tired friend. I hear too that it will eventually all come together, or that you'll at least feel less like you're ignoring one or the other.

I also know of some people with kittens that possibly might have one if you guys are ready for another, if for nothing else to kill those rodents. :)