Friends & Family

Henta and Stella with Piper.
Henta, Stella, Ivy, and Hazel getting their chance to inspect Piper.
Poppa meets Piper Sue.
Snuggles from Grandpa Banks.
Uncle Stephen snagged Piper for a little while...
...before Uncle Ricky took over.
Nate being congratulated by his mom (Grandma).
Tutu's turn to see the little girl!
We think she's so beautiful and just perfect as the newest member of our family. We're so incredibly blessed!


Miles and Jenny said...

Oh Piper really is precious! I love that these moments with family were perfectly captured. SO sweet! Congtratulations again! Piper is so perfect!

Sheelagh said...

You got some wonderful family shots! And agreed, Piper is soooo sweet!!!