Less than two days left.

This is my 38 week and 2 day belly. The kid in there doesn't have a name yet, but hopefully by Friday afternoon we'll have that bit of business squared away.

Here's my other kid. Miss B realizes there's a new infant seat sharing the backseat of the car with her and she's been asking where the baby is (without any recognition that my belly is big because there's a baby in there and that it has to come out at some point and will then occupy the infant carrier).

My to-do list is 17 items long, which is just wonderful but I'm trekking through it one item at a time! We're checking in Friday morning at 5:45am and we'll be there through midmorning next Monday. Can't wait to show off some pictures!

(Oh, and I haven't forgotten to post pics of the house with paint on it, so I'll get to that soon!)


*FARMERS* said...

yay i am so excited/emotional about the whole thing! i wish i could be there :( but i will be thinking of you!! love you

Miles and Jenny said...

Beautiful belly, Beautiful Miss B, and Beatutiful YOU! I am so excited for you. These are special hours for you and Nate and Miss B before Baby sister comes along. Enjoy the moments together. :) Cannot wait to see the pictures of your new additon to your very special family! Praying- Always. -Jenny