The Park

I will definitely be posting all about Piper pretty soon, but here is a quick post to hold you over in the meantime.

I took Hazel and Piper to the park last night and it was so fun! This was Hazel's posture the entire hour she was in the swing. I kept asking her if she wanted to see the ducks, and she kept saying, "More swing!" I thought she looked like she was in pain because of how she was sitting in the swing, but it was more than okay with her - she was quite happy!

Finally she decided it was time to go for a walk, so we headed down the path to the duck pond. She trotted along beside me quite well - this was our first park excursion where she wasn't confined to a stroller.

Here she is at the duck pond...

We sure had a good time together. It was so nice to be outside - it's been so stinking hot lately!

Okay, more later!


Miles and Jenny said...

What a sweet lil outing with you and the Littles. How fun! I bet it felt good to be outside and get some fresh air.

*FARMERS* said...

So cute!! I want to come & play at the duck pond. I miss you & hope you are hanging in there!! :)

Sheelagh said...

That's too cute! You're brave to get out with the two of them so soon.