Oh boy.

I waged war on Piper with broccoli today. Except that I didn't know it would be war. And I didn't realize the wiliness of my opponent.

First, Piper tried feinting. Once she understood that I don't give up at the first sight of gagging, she began straight forward avoidance. As soon as she saw how much bigger my hands are than hers put together, she began to accept the broccoli. Or so I thought.

She adjusted her strategy and began to act as though broccoli was no big deal. She let me spoon it into her mouth and then would use her fist to cover the fact that she was letting it fall right out again. Hmm, she's smarter than I gave her credit for.

Who won this battle? I don't know. I got every spoonful of food into her mouth, but I can't quite tell how much actually stayed there. Does she automatically win because of her good attitude and creativity? I'm the ref so I say no, her big eyes won't make me give up my agenda: My 9-month-old baby will eat broccoli. And she'll like it.

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