Talk about overload. I'm making up for lost time.

I found the camera!

I'm doing a jig, but you can't see it, not because you really can't, quite literally, but because I would never dance for you. I have more self-respect than to do that.

I've been snapping away - Miss Hazel is quite tired of it. When I whip out the camera, she whips out my phone and shouts at me to open wide because she's going to take a smile. Don't ask, I have no idea.

But here are my babies. They kill me.

Piper makes this funny face more and more lately. Usually I see it when she's playing games with a toy and she's winning.

Piper is shaking her head, which she does when she's super happy about, well, anything.


My woebegone homeless child. At least I take her to the park sometimes.

This is Piper. She is mad.

And now she's flat out ticked with me. I forced her on her knees.

And this is Piper again. Falling.

Once I stopped laughing and pulled her out of her toy basket,
she became a much happier child. 

We're lugging away through life right now. Nothing huge to report. Nate is increasingly busy with work, which is such a blessing! I tell you what, though - come 10:15p.m. I miss my man. He's been working two jobs a day (and that doesn't count his "office" time in the mornings), so, for example, I saw him for twenty minutes the other night. We're just so glad that he's keeping a solid schedule that I really can't complain much.

Starbucks is an ongoing blessing. I'm grateful for the work, but weekends are getting tougher and tougher. I hand the girls over to Karen on Friday afternoons and then I don't see them again until Saturday night. I help put them to bed and then Nate has them on Sunday until I get home in the evening. It is rough. This work is for a season, so I rest in that (although I have no idea how long that season will last for).

Hazel is 2.5 years old now, which blows my mind. She says the funniest things. I need to start writing them down or something because I can't keep up. Piper is 9.5 months old. I think I'm going to request ESD to evaluate her (they were the in-home therapists who aided Hazel through her torticollis tightness). Piper doesn't have any concerns like torticollis, but she's really taking her time with learning new skills. She's such a liar, though - she works so hard to convince me during play time that she doesn't know how to get up on her knees, and she works even harder to convince me that she doesn't like being on her knees (just reference the pictures above for a reminder). And then when I check on her during the night, what's she doing? She's sleeping with her knees tucked up underneath her belly. She caterpillared her way all over her bed last night.

We're still in the basement. I don't know when a change to this living situation will come, but this is where we are right now and I mean that in every respect. Do you know what I mean? We are present, not dwelling in what could be or "should" be. We're happy. We're blessed, we're grateful. We have love in our lives, from all sides, and we couldn't be luckier.

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