If you visit my sister's blog (Bean and Sprout) you'll see a fun little video of Stella flying around, flapping her arms like little birdies do. This one is a little different. It's more focused on her show-off side. She's a definate crowd pleaser!

And she really was the cutest chicken out that night. As Rae Ann mentioned before, Ivy spent quite a bit of time with me, some really great snuggle time:) Stella was weather resistent and refused to let the blustering weather get her down. She freaked out at the site of a paramedic, but a firefighting dog couldn't get her down.

We spent a solid couple hours beating the pavement. Rae Ann was marvelous and bought me the best tasting eggnog latte ever, and from one of my favorite coffee houses to boot: Cafe Delerium on Main in Gresham. Good times!

Rae Ann and little Ivy Lou at the end of the evening. Well, our part anyway! If you take a look at Rae Ann's blog, you'll find that they did a lot more that night! She's (being Rae Ann) a trooper.


Stephen said...

Couple things... The video on your last blog is having a hard time loading, at least on my computer. How do I add your blog as a link on mine? How do I add stuff to the "about me section?"
I'm hopeless.
Those pictures of Stella and Ivy are awesome!

bean and sprout's rep. said...

umm... sis. you can't set your videos to private if you want to blog them. they must be public.

stephen... i like you. just thought you should know. i'm going to add you as my bro-in-law once removed.