What's another word for "update"?

Every day we live in this house, we grow in our thankfulness. We feel so blessed to be living here...And it's only appropriate that we recognize the Who, how, and why we ever got here! This has been a gift from God!

We spent some time this last weekend making some changes to the house. We look forward to spring when we'll be able to do more to promote curb appeal, so for now, we're making changes a little bit at a time.

First off, almost everyone in this neighborhood has the same exterior lights. We found two houses who had changed their light fixtures out, and another who had painted their fixtures black (which we considered doing). Nate found a great deal on some lights at Home Depot, so we went ahead and switched our fixtures out!

Stephen, this shot's for you.

This is a terrible picture, but I'm including it here to prove to some of you that I don't make Nate do all the work around here:) Often he does do the work because he's handy and can do it without any problem. But I did screw in this light bulb! And he was kind enough to commemorate the event with a photo!

Here's a better picture of the new fixtures. We're actually really happy with them. They light up the driveway a lot better and they aren't as obnoxious as the old energy efficient bulbs we had before.

The next project we worked on was...dum dum duuuuuummmmmmm...the living room curtains. Turns out we both have strong opinions when it comes to curtain decor. We visited Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Ross, and TJ Maxx searching for rods, mounts, and the right curtains. I think the work paid off, though. We made some good purchases and came away from the experience happy and still friends!

We also covered up the dinning room windows while we were at it. They're in the same room as the entry way living room, so we thought unity would be good. It's been really nice not worrying about neighbors seeing into our house.
And because of the layout of the front room, even though our front windows are covered, we still have tons of light from the window that's second level height on the front of the house, just above the now covered windows.

So that's where we're at right now! I've been THOROUGHLY enjoying the incredible fall weather these last few weeks. We've not had to turn on our heat just yet; we've been enjoying the ambiance of the fireplace. If only it burned real wood...I guess gas is better than nothing, though!

Blessings on the end of one month and the beginning of another!


Stephen said...

The house is looking even more incredible! I love your house by the way. I wish I could just come over and visit. Ya'll are doing some really cool things with it.
Thanks for the butt shot, you can tell Nate I miss seeing it in person though. I can't wait till you see what I did to my room, I finally finished it today! I took video of before (like 2 weeks ago) and after (today) and am going to put them on Youtube like your sister does.
I love my room now! All I need to get still are a couple of beanbags so people can chill in my room. And a couple people did tonight on the pillows I have in the corner, but you shall soon see...

*FARMERS* said...

hey best friend! i LOVE the new lights, so beautiful! and the curtains too :) we finally gave in and turned heat on yesterday. adam felt bad when he came home and i was in sweat pants, two long sleeve t-shirts, a sweatshirt, slippers, and wrapped in a blanket! :) our house got below 50 a couple of mornings ago cuz i got up and the heater had turned itself on!! (the lowest our thermostat goes is 50, and that what we have to keep it on to turn it off). so that's my story! btw i can't believe it's November already!! love you!

Natti's Momma said...

Robbie and Nate, the house looks amazing! You have really done a beautiful job. It looks so warm and cozy. I'm happy you are having so much fun with this and the freedom to do it (all the prep work before kids!).