It's done!

Nate finished the bathroom! And it looks absolutely lovely... It's tough to take a good picture of it, though. It's more than a little cramped and awkward, which makes it tough to get in there and get a full shot. So here's a corner. And here are some picture from before...Yuck. We're just so glad to have it finished and be able to use it once again. The paint color is nice, although it's so much like what we've got going on in the family room, that it's almost blah. So Nate and I talked about it and made the decision to paint the family room more of a khaki color. Which is actually a relief. Right now, the family room has red, olive green, and the gray that's in the kitchen. So, we'll cover all three colors with the khaki making it nice and simple. Also, the khaki will go up the stairs and into the hallway, covering the dirty off white color and the yellow. And don't worry, Nate's excited about it! I promise I'm not working him to death!

We'll keep you updated:)

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