Nate and I coerced Mom and Dad to take us to Parkdale (in the Gorge, up I-84 East) to load up on apples. We knew that we wanted apples to make applesauce...and we found some of the best tasting apples! King Davids, if you're wondering. Soo tasty! We also picked up some Elestars for yet another batch of applesauce. They have more of a cinnimon taste, so I'm really excited to see how it ends up tasting...MMM:)

I've never actually made applesauce before, so it's been interesting! The King Davids haven't required any sugar, which I'm so excited about. Nate was in the living room while I was prepping and cooking down the apples the other night. He was giving me some good advice:) As I was skinning the apples into the garbage, the skin was sailing in all directions, so he suggested a bowl. It was easier to aim into and it saved my back! I still need to mop the floor, though, since in some places it's incredibly sticky from apple core that went flying. And I keep finding apple seeds in odd places...So I made a mess. But at least we have applesauce up the wazoo to prove it was worth something!

I realize this picture is dark, but it's my little family:)


bean and sprout's rep. said...

that's a cozy pic of your little family. makes me want to come over and make pumpkin pie.

Stephen said...

I agree, it does. I would at least eat whatever pumpkin pie was made.

dutchlvr said...

That's good! The pumpkin pie this year won't be nearly as...textured. Dad was the man and ate all of what I made. Nate grinned and bore it, but I don't think it was a totally enjoyable experience for him. I understand how to use my food processor better now, so that's a good start toward better pumpkin pie:)