Another party

Yesterday was the big MK day...I woke up about an hour and 40 minutes late, which put me quite behind in my TO DO list. I ran around in unproductive circles for the first half hour I was out of bed. I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch in light of making all the goodies for the party, but that was solved when I nibbled during the parties.

Mom was kind enough to show up early and help me set up. She was funny: my kitchen is quite lacking compared to hers, so it was quite fun to sit back and just watch her find her way through my little kitchen. I laughed a couple times. Sorry, Mom:)

Grandma Mac was my second guest during the 1pm party. Lori did and awesome job leading the class, and I think both Mom and Grandma had a good time and picked up some product that they will enjoy!

Karen and Grandma Jo showed up for the 3:30 party. That was another enjoyable 2 hours! We all had such a good time talking and working our way through all the products. It was a great learning experience as well. Lori had some awesome techniques which I hope to implement in my parties in the future.

Even though not that many people were able to make it, it was just such a good time! I'm excited to do it again...But don't worry, it won't be too soon:) Everyone is getting partied out, especially as we enter an extensive celebratory season. Can you believe it's already the last full week of October??? Crazy.


hangar52 said...

I want a prize...I'll ask a question!!

Stephen said...

yay for parties! we were wanting to have a holloween party at our place, much like we wanted to have a "house warming party, but looks like it won't work out.
But hey, the good news is I'm doing pretty good with keeping up on my blogging, no?

*FARMERS* said...

i miss you so much friend! :) i SOOOOO wish we lived closer! have a good night....MWUAH :*