Blast from the past.

I've been working on cleaning up the guest room to make it liveable again since I brought so many boxes in from the garage. I was working to make the garage spacious enough for my car to park inside, but, alas, that's not to be! Being married to a contractor requires sacrifices, even my side of the garage. At least his chop saw is safe and dry.

So I brought a bunch of boxes in that had stuff from my old room at Mom and Dad's. One of them was FILLED with old photos! Such good memories sprang out at me from that box...I came across binders that I used at Ecola Bible School in Cannon Beach, and I couldn't resist scanning photos I'd stuck haphazardly in the covers of each into my computer to share with you. It would be nearly impossible to impress on you the texture of the memories behind each photo, so I won't even begin to try! Just think of lovely things when you look at them:]


*FARMERS* said...

*YAWN* i'm bored!! ;)

In The Potter's Land said...

Robin, the pictures are beautiful! I especially like the first one - you are so photogenic! In the past, I've been able to explain away nonphotogenic pictures of myself by saying that a film hasn't yet been developed that could capture my true beauty. Then they marketed digital cameras, and I can no longer use my explanation/excuse! :-(