Miss Linsea

I was finally able to connect with my old friend (we met in the third grade), Linsea Weigel, today! We had breakfast at Bob's Red Mill...It was so nice to just sit down and chat. She's probably the cutest pregnant lady I've ever met:)

Nate and I are getting ready to take off to Rockaway Beach, where we're staying in a little cabin for the weekend. It's at Twin Rocks Friend's Camp. Here's a picture of the building:

It's one room with a twin bed and a trundle bed, and not much else! We're just so excited to get away for awhile. We made our reservations back in November, and I was super disappointed at how long we had to wait to go at that time, but now it couldn't be better timing. Nate's been going nonstop, so this quiet will be nice:) If you call, we won't be answering!


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