One word: HOT.

(The graduate and her hubby.)

I will forever describe my most overwhelming memory of Leslie's graduation as this: It was hot.

Nate and I drove to Pendleton Thursday evening (6/13) and fell into bed in Adam's mom's guest room. On Friday, Nate had to work on some bids so we spent 4+ hours at the local Starbucks (the only way I could get him to go to Pendleton on Thursday instead of Friday evening was to let him work on bids on our "vacation" for at least a few hours).

Around noon we met up with Leslie and Adam and had lunch and then wandered all over the town doing touristy things: We toured the woolen mills, farmer's market, and Hamley's (stop by there if you can), among other things. By the time we returned to Jean's (Adam's mom) house, it was time to nap, aka start dinner for the group of people coming over for dinner.

Leslie's family showed up and we had dinner and eventually started a movie and eventually went to bed.

Bright and early on Saturday morning we headed to La Grand to save seats for the 15+ people attending Leslie's graduation on her behalf. We were sitting on metal benches at the Easter Oregon University's football stadium. The graduates sat in the field under tents while we got full on sun for four hours. And this is what happens in that situation, this is where HOT comes in:

Lovely, eh?

What it all comes down to, though, is that Leslie graduated! After her graduation, we took a few pictures on the lawn and then headed back to Pendleton to nap/get ready for her graduation party at a nearby park.

We ate a late lunch/early dinner, Leslie opened presents and cards, and then we had a killer game of kickball. Everyone is a winner. Just remember that...Adam and Nate.

We stayed Saturday night, went to church, went to lunch with Adam, Leslie, and her siblings, and then headed home. It was fun to spend the weekend in warmer weather than it seems like Portland will see this summer! I don't know - do we even get a summer this year??


*FARMERS* said...

what a great post to sum up the weekend! Wild and wonderful! :) you got some great pics, and i will post some more of mine on my blog. i will call you soon i have news! :)

Anonymous said...

Impressive redness. You would hate me right now for my tan :)