Quick and simple.

Nate took his camera to work with him today, making off with all the pictures from this last weekend, and my 4.5 month pregnancy photo...So here's one to hold you over!

I felt the baby moving around on Saturday at Leslie's graduation (I'll get into that during my next post), but then not again. So on Tuesday I stopped by my midwife's after work to listen on the heartbeat monitor. I think I'm allowed some paranoia for just a little longer :) Peggy's so gracious, though! She got to me quickly amid her busy schedule. We listened to the baby's oh-so-strong heartbeat and then she wanted to see it on the ultrasound.

That was crazy! The kid is big! Nathaniel was born small, which I attribute to his illness, so I'm shocked by how big this baby is almost every time we see it. And...HERE'S A PICTURE!

In this picture, the baby is facing down, butt to the left, head to the right. It's little legs are bent at the knees and folded under its behind; the spine is lit up; the hands are in front of it's chest (it had just been gnawing on one of them). Can you see it, can you see it?

We're scheduled to go to the hospital for an anatomy check on Jule 1st - that's when they'll tell us the sex of the baby. I'm feeling considerably better, morning-sickness wise, but I still have my yucky moments. I actually started work at Starbucks at 6am this morning...and it didn't kill me! How grand!

I'll post more pictures soon.


the mama said...

i have quite the case of the warm-and-fuzzies right now... i think i'm in love...

Jeff & Necia said...

I CAN see it, I CAN see it! How fun! I love to read your stories. So exciting that you are starting to show - definately tell Nate to hand over the camera. So special, too, that Nate got to perform the ultrasound! :) I am so excited for you both and will keep you and that strong little baby in my prayers.
I ran into Shauna (sp?)Wagner yesterday in the store and she said that she and Troy are getting together with you guys soon, and that Jeff and I should join you. Have you made any plans yet?
Miss you.

*FARMERS* said...

yeah! so excited about the new pic!! :) she has gotten so much bigger since the last ultrasound i saw! so exciting rob :)