Big Move

Tom made the move to Baltimore part way into October, but Rae Ann and Stella and Ivy stayed with Mom and Dad in Portland for a couple more weeks. It was so good to have them close for awhile longer!

Suzi came into town, too, so Mom and Dad had quite the houseful of guests. AND everyone was sick. I still, to this day, have no idea how Hazel managed to avoide, well, everything. I prayed and prayed she'd manage to not catch any bugs, but with pneumonia and bronchitis floating around (along with swine flu, although no one at Mom and Dad's had that as far as I know), I didn't think there was much chance of escape. Praise God, though, she avoided it completely!

The following pictures are from the drop-off at the airport. It was so sad to say goodbye. One of the hardest things, I think, was that Stella and Ivy really didn't understand what was happening. They probably just thought they were going on a trip - "move" meant very little to them. They'd lived in the same house for three years, all of their lives, practically, so "across the country" and "not coming home" mean nothing.

So Rae Ann and the girls were off! October 30th, 2009, and they made the big transition to Maryland.

I'm sad.

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TG's Mom said...

I'm so sorry they moved! I'm terrible with family moving away; I cry like a baby for days. I hope they are doing well!