Found some stuff.

Here is a video from Magone. It's cute, so I'm posting it. Hazel had just woken up from her nap and we were beginning to pack up camp. She's ruffled from her sleep, but oh so cute.

And here are a couple parting shots from Magone Lake:

Here are a few pictures from Nathaniel's birthday. I didn't have them loaded when I wrote his post awhile ago (let's be honest: it's been a month).

I'm currently working on a couple more posts, so those will be up soon! Hallelujah!


Courtney Young said...

I wanted to tell you that an incredible woman whom I met while on bed rest at OHSU last year named Pam Vredevelt gave me a book she wrote to encourage me during that season of my life. In that book she writes about another book she wrote after experiencing the loss of a child. It's called Empty Arms: Emotional Support for Those Who Have Experienced Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Tubal Pregnancy. I thought I'd share the name of her book with you in case you would be interested in reading it :)

the future Mrs. Garvey said...

Robin, I hope this isn't inappropriate but that is the most touching inscription on a grave marker i've ever read. just simply beautiful. touching photo!

dutchlvr said...

Thanks, Courtney! I appreciate the suggestion!

And, Katie, that's totally fine to say. It means alot to me, actually. It took us some months to figure out what we wanted to say. During the Christmas season at church we sang "Away in a Manger" and realized this verse said exactly what we wanted and more. Thank you again.