Halloween 2009

She's pulling herself up to standing! And she's doing it so well! It shocked me the first couple times she did it, I was so surprised. Really, I was looking at her, looked away for a second, looked back, and there she was, standing like she's always been doing it.

She has a lot of interest in her own movement. It's fun to sit back and watch her figure things out on her own. Boy, it's been quick progression between crawling and standing - walking isn't too far off.

Halloween was fun. We decided to be brave and forego traditional trick or treating and instead venture out to Canby for our church's harvest festival. It was so fun! I'm so glad we made the trip. We don't know many people at church (completely our fault, although lately I've been really trying to reach out and connect with folks), but we had a blast. Hazel had her face painted to match her mouse costume...which she hated (the costume, not the face paint).

See? What did I tell you.

We had a fun time! There was a photographer there who took a really fun family photo, but I don't like it at the same time - it toys with my self-image. I don't think I'll be posting it here. But maybe. Perhaps. We'll see. Let's leave it at that.

(And how many times can one say "fun" in a post as short as this one? I dare you to give it a try. Really. Go ahead. I can't be beat.)

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