A funny thing happened today.

Mom had Hazel for most of the day, which allowed me to see Peggy (more on that in a minute), mow another chunk of our field of a yard, and get some work done. I picked up Hazel from Mom's at about 4:30pm. Tutu was worn out, completely (apparently Hazel drug her along on several walks around the property and down the driveway), and when the screen door swung open, Hazel trotted out on the front step. She pointed out a ball, asked me for help off the stoop, and then practically sprinted to the back passenger door on my Volvo. She tried to open the door and when she couldn't she looked at me and said, "Seat!" She obviously really wanted into her carseat. I plopped her in and buckled her and she immediately said, "Home? Play?" I've never known her to beg to go anywhere, let alone if that means leaving Poppa and Tutu's house. I had to laugh.

So I saw Peggy today; the appointment went well. I'm measuring  33 weeks, so just a little ahead. I see the surgeon in two weeks (Peggy will be on vacation so it's a good time to consult with Dr. N.), Peggy two weeks after that (which will be my 36th week), and then I'll see her in my 37th and 38th weeks. I'm not entirely sure why I'm seeing her in my 38th week - it'll be the day before the c-section.

I confirmed with her the c-section date. She scheduled the cesarean for the 6th of August, so we're definitely on the books now.

When Peggy was checking the babe's heartbeat, it was a little slow. Peggy looked at me a bit askance and said, "Hmm, I don't think Mom ate breakfast." The kid's heartrate gave me away! Speaking of food, I'm starving. I should eat. In a minute.

My Uncle Seth brought over a child-sized dresser for Hazel not too long ago, so I stuck that in the nursery today. It's getting a bit cramped in there with all the "necessary" pieces of furniture! I don't know, it might be best to take the twin bed out for now. I like the idea of a guest bed, but it's taking up a lot of room at the moment. If we took it out, it would open up a huge amount of space, allowing both cribs to fit comfortably rather than making it all a tight squeeze. (Can you believe it, this is the first I've thought of removing the guest bed. Oh, and no one has ever slept in it since we've moved here.) Once I get all the furniture situated, I need to find a way to decorate the plaster walls. I have all the banners and pictures I want to use, but I'm a bit clueless as to how to best mount them on the walls. I can hardly wait to get the room finished, though! I'm seriously excited...

To be honest, this pregnancy has been something of a conundrum for me. Sometimes I feel wonderful, absolutely free to do what I like when I like, seeing as I'm not on bedrest this time around. Other times I feel incredibly restricted simply because I'm pregnant. There are things this house needs that I can't do because of the pregnancy. For example: I'd love to be able to deal with the ongoing ant issue myself rather than bothering Nate with the chore when he already has too much on his plate, but, as a pregnant lady, I can't use the chemical we bought; I'd like to stain our deck, but again it's a chemical issue; I'd like to take care of the cat litter, but again...So I've resorted to helping Nate by mowing our yard. By hand. It's okay, I checked with Peggy. The front yard isn't horrible, but the back is a nightmare. I did a small patch today and had to stop. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow...We'll see. Dumping the grass cuttings is more of an issue than the actual mowing, simply because we dump the cuttings in the field. The grass in the field gives me hives, so you can see the problem there. My arms were covered by the time I finished today. I may be too much of a wimp to take mowing on again tomorrow - I'd rather not deal with the hives again.


rae ann said...

okay, maybe we've talked about this before so i'm sorry if i've already asked. however, i'm going to ask again.

why are you having the c-section at 38 weeks? wouldn't peggy want to wait until the 39th week??

just curious... xoxo

dutchlvr said...

No because 39 weeks is getting too close to the due date for comfort. She aims for 38.5 weeks, when the kid has had a good amount of time to mature but hopefully before labor starts naturally.

*FARMERS* said...

yay for updates! i am so excited to meet this little girl soon-ish ;) i posted some cute pics of you & miss B on my facebook!! love you :)