I [heart] consigning.

We've been blessed by living close to both sets of parents; we're pretty darn lucky that they like us and enjoy watching Hazel on occasion.

Nate's parents allowed us to drop her off at their house on Sunday so that he and I could get some things done around our place, namely mowing the field we call our yard and caulking the house. Since Nate had to borrow his parents' riding mower, he took Hazel over to drop her off. Stephen snapped these pictures with his iPhone, and I love them all.

I am absolutely in love with Hazel's little dress in these pictures. I've been hunting for plain onesies for her to use this summer, but I'm having just about zero luck. We visited our favorite consignment store in Gresham on Friday but they didn't have any onesies - everything I find seems to have some logo or design on it, and I really just need simple and plain for her to wear under dresses and sweaters.

Our consignment store has two locations, so on Saturday Hazel and I dropped by their store on 122nd and Glisan. Oh it was wonderful! I found so many cute things for both Hazel and Baby Girl #2. I had a good chunk of credit with the store, so I narrowed down my "likes" and made my purchase.

I found another pair of jeans for Miss B. - she was given one pair in size 18 months, so I wanted another pair to alternate with - and this dress she's wearing in the pictures. There are two brands that I can't pass up when I find them: Janie & Jack and Baby Place (but only footed sleepers have caught my attention from that store; I like their stuff, but I have a thing for the comfort of their jammies). The dress is Janie & Jack and it cost me $6.75 resale. I guarantee it sold for between $30 and $40 when it was new.

When Hazel was about 2 months old a lady from church was giving away about four bins of baby clothes that her little girl had grown out of recently. I drove to her house and she let me take whatever I wanted. Turns out the mother-in-law was pretty wealthy and loved to buy fancy shmanzy baby clothes for the little girl, which is how I discovered Janie & Jack. The mom-in-law must have purchased the entire Spring line when the little girl was born. As Hazel has gotten bigger, the Janie & Jack clothes we were initially given have begun to thin out; at this point, she has a two sweaters, a shirt, a jogging outfit, a hooded jacket, and floral pants. I've purchased a spaghetti strap romper and this dress for summer.

I almost put the dress back on the rack when I found it at the consignment store. I checked the label and even then still wondered if I like it enough to buy it for Hazel. And then I held it up to her little body. Sold. Totally. Why did I ever doubt its cuteness? It has a Western feel with it's ruffles and plaid and collar and pearl buttons and chest pockets...I put her in pink footless tights and a white long-sleeved onesie for church on Sunday. She was adorable wearing it to nursery!

I'll never say no to anything from Janie & Jack, just so every knows.


rae ann said...

oh how i LOVE that cheesy grin! and the dress... adorable!

RuthAnn said...

you should consign your stuff, too!!
the gresham Superkidsresale.net is a good one!! And so much good stuff to choose from:
happens in April and Sept. each year!