POST 300 (aka "The Beach!")

The last time Hazel was at the Oregon Coast was, well, a LONG time ago. She joined Nate and I on one of our trips to Rockaway and she was 5 months at the time. That's too long. I've missed the coast, so I asked Mom if she'd want to go with me and the girls to visit again. This was the first trip where Hazel has been old enough to interact with her environment, and this was a plain old first for Piper.

I love all of these pictures. I'm just going to throw them at you. Take your time. I know, my girls are pretty.

I really did take some pictures of the, ahem, recently painted house (I can't say newly painted anymore because I'm just plain behind in posting the pictures). They're still on the camera, which is still attached to Nate's hip. I'll swipe them soon and post the photos. The house looks good. The deck looks amazing! Our weather is definitely Fallish these days, so I've been lighting fires in the family room fire place to keep us warm and motivated at the start of each morning. It's been cozy, especially when i trek outside for more wood and it smells like campfire around my house. I love it...

We have some big changes going on in the very near future, so I'll post about that pretty soon.

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