I feel like I'm going backward.

With these last three posts, I feel totally out of order in everything. I should have thought harder and put them up with some sort of timeline awareness.

Rae Ann moved into her little house this last Fall (after visiting Nathaniel's gravesite but before out-of-town family came for a visit). These are pictures from when Mom, the girls, and I visited her LittleTinyComfortableEmbracing home!

Her little house is on the corner of two little residential streets, and across the road from a sizable park.

Mom drove the girls and I in her truck to pick up a bunch of boxes that Rae Ann had just emptied. My packing adventure was just beginning so I put her, what, already very used, cross-country traveling boxes back to use.

I know I haven't posted any pictures of our house after the big paint job, but this is as good as you'll get. For some reason, all the pictures I took of the finished paint job have vanished into the recesses of Nate's computer. I can't find them to save my life. It sure looks good, though, huh? Just go here if you need a reminder of what it looked like once not too long ago.

I love this shot of Hazel. She stood in the front door and watched Tutu drive away after we unloaded all the boxes I had picked up at Rae Ann's house.

And here are the boxes. I thought, "Well, that's enough." Not so. I started back at Starbucks within a month of picking up these boxes from Rae Ann. Every time we had a large order delivered, I would snag as many boxes as could fit in my car broken down. Oh, and Leslie's mom brought a bunch from her work. I get laughed at still for my adult diaper boxes from Laura...Pretty much everyone who sees them want to sneak a peek inside to see what's in the box.

And this was the start to my pile. Pretty soon filled boxes covered the blue couch and took over the dining room.

Hazel found a blue bunny in box of toys I had packed up. She was thrilled. She never looked at it twice when it was in her play room, but suddenly it became "off limits" and so, by default, it was the best toy in the house.

Hazel wanted in the kitchen. For what specifically, I'm not sure, but probably just to wreck some havoc. I miss my kitchen. I miss my house. And I'm sure you're tired of hearing that.

Piper in her swing! I have fond memories of sticking her in the swing while I watched Dr. Quinn episodes back-to-back-to-back. I loved relaxing in the playroom, picking up all the toys and sitting down with my lunch while Hazel napped. As cold as that room could get with the huge windows, I always loved the view, and I could hold the cold at bay with a fire in the fireplace. It was such a cozy room.

Okay, so that gives you a view of another day in our lives, something that happened back in early October. What a beautiful month that was! I miss the Fall and now I'm definitely looking forward to Spring (skip Summer) and then Fall again! Where will we be in just a few months? Still here probably, in Nate's parents' basement, but I'm praying for another move. Can you believe it? I'm pretty crazy to wish for a move.

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