October 2010

This video is from early October, making Piper about two months old. I have a little song I sing to her and she started responding to it very, very early on. Hazel passes through the video on her way toward bed. She's saying good-night to everyone in the house.

Karen's brother Keith was visiting Oregon with his wife, Georgia, and son, Nick. They're from Kentucky and it's been several years since we last saw them. We were over pretty much every night they were in town - it was so good to see them again! To top it off, Grandma and Grandpa Moser came up from California. Rick and Karen had a very full house for awhile. (I should point out that we hadn't moved in yet. We hadn't even talked about it at this point.)

I have a few pictures from one of our family dinners.

We have no idea when we'll have the opportunity to see those guys again. It's a long trip from Kentucky! Hazel still remembers their names, though. She often brings up Uncle Keef, Aunt Georgia, and Nick, along with Gweat-Gwahma and Gweat-Gwahmpa Mosher.

I'm playing a little blogging catch-up! Hope you don't mind.

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