I mark the passage of time by my shampoo bottle.

I've known this about myself for quite some time, but it's a little, uh, risky to tell everyone the truth.

I remember looking at the shampoo bottle when I was pregnant with Piper and thinking to myself, "Huh. She'll be here before I finish this bottle of shampoo." My next thought was wondering what would happen during the "life" of the next bottle of shampoo.

Little did I know that we'd be moving. Into a basement.

I caught myself thinking along the same lines today. I just started another bottle about a week ago and I found myself wondering this afternoon if we'd been in the new house by the time I have to switch out bottles.

I won't risk our friendship by telling you more of my secrets.


Jenni said...

This may be the most awesome blog post you have ever written.

The Lums said...

I totally do this too!