It seems like there are babies everywhere, whether they're new, baking, or just a thought spoken out loud, they can't be avoided! The catch is, they're cute! Just this past weekend, Nate and I made the drive out to Newberg to meet Indira Dagget. Our visit was super delayed, so she was nearly a month old by the time we met her. She was super expressive and already working on strengthening her neck muscles. I've attached a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:)

On our way home from Newberg, we stopped in a Dutch Bros. for a quick pick-me-up. And then we remembered that we needed a few groceries for Easter dinner with the fam. We crossed Tualatin-Sherwood Rd. and visited Haggen...It's been forever since we've been there! We used to walk there from our apartment when we lived in Tualatin. We decided to reminisce a little more by driving past my old work place and our apartment. Ah, good times. We actually REALLY miss living in that apartment! We don't by any means miss the size of the place, or the cigarette smoke from our neighbors on all sides, but the apartment was a great first home for us. Even now, though, months later, we can't help but be grateful for our house!

[psst...our apartment was the one on the second level, pretty much hidden by the beautiful tree that I miss oh so much!]

I forgot to mention before that we stopped by Mom and Dad's on our way out to Newberg. Nate finished painting their kitchen and surrounding spaces not too long ago, so they were just recently able to work on their kitchen ceiling. It was a drop ceiling for too long. They took out the florescent lighting and put tin up. They added can lights over the main counter and put in another fixture where the florescents were before. Tadaa! It's beautiful.

Oh yeah, it was soaking outside. Poor Rameus. Actually, after visiting Newberg and Tualatin, Nate and I went back to Mom and Dad's to share hotdogs around the bonfire and dye eggs. Just good, clean fun. Kinda. Mom had the ingenious idea of putting rubberbands around the eggs to create cool patterns, but two out of three rubberbands hated being submerged in vinegar. They snapped. The first one was in a deep purply-blue dye and it went everywhere...We cleaned it up quickly, though, so our clothes and the countertops were spared.

I'll write more about Easter day tomorrow. For now, enjoy your day! Blessings!

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