teensie weensie

Look how small this rabbit is...I stopped by G&G Macs today and I caught them staring out their window at the front yard. They were on their way out the door toward me before I was out of the car. Grandpa and I crouched down in the grass and took a closer look at this tiny rabbit!

Apparently the mom took off without this little one and it has been sitting in nearly the same spot for the last few days waiting for her. G&G think it's totally incapable of taking care of itself...which means it will inevitably die. Sad! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the mom-rabbit comes back for the little one.

Seriously. It's itty bitty.


HART said...

Oh, poor baby! See that's when goos ol' Auntie Heather shows up and raises yet another abondoned little creature of GOD!
Didn't anyone want a rabbit to take care of? What about your parents little farm yard?
Heather, hugs!

Rebecca said...

It's adorable!

You should save it as a pet! You can't let it die...heck, me and Adam will adopt it if it's still there!