Today's weather has been crazy! It was so sunny and warm outside early today, I was even able to take a walk up the street to my boss' house. But this afternoon it began thundering and hailing bullets. We have Nate's dog here now, housed in the back yard, and I had no idea how she'd respond to the weather...It was a little edgy there for a few minutes.

When the weather broke, I took this gorgeous picture of the clouds from our back porch. The second picture is of our dinky porch with the hail piled up. Craziness.


*FARMERS* said...

Hey bestest! i just wanted to let you know that i finally have a new post up! :) can't wait to see you this weekend...you better have my bed ready! ;)

*FARMERS* said...

it's me again, ok it is way the heck overdue for an update...i am tired of reading about the weather!! ;) call me soon so we can make plans for next weekend! love you!!