Really, I'm still here.

Look who I found! Nate and I connected with Kristin (roommate from Canada) while we were in Cannon Beach last Saturday, and, lo' and behold, Corey Lockbeam showed up with his wife, Cara (sp?). I haven't seen Corey since Ecola graduation in 2003. It was soo fun to connect with him again! Turns out he has plans to attend Multnomah Bible School here in Portland in the fall, so he and Cara will be moving down from Yakima this August. Yeah!

Mom and Dad decided to take a jaunt out to Nehalem for an overdue camping trip, and Nate and I used that as an excuse to visit the coast. It rained while we drove out, but as soon as we had Saddle Mountain in sight, the weather cleared and we enjoyed sunshine and a strong "breeze" the rest of the day! Just look at the poor pup...It was gloriously refreshing to be back at the beach! As overdue as Mom and Dad's trip was, it felt more overdue for Nate and I to be back in Cannon Beach. We walked the dogs on the Nehalem sand, though. It had much more room for them to run. Dakota went absolutely nuts, and Rameus wasn't too far behind! He actually held his own. We took our time ambling down the beach and then headed into town to walk around a little.

It was sad when it came time to leave, to tell the truth. Nate and I don't have established plans to return until June. We were going to go to Rockaway in May, but I still have leadership classes on Saturday mornings, so the timing makes the trip impossible. All in good time, though, right? Now we have months and months of anticipation to look forward to:] And that'll make the trip even better! Oh, here's a picture that Dad took of Nate and I in Nehalem. We made the mistake of turning our backs to the water to take a picture. Dad had our little digital camera out in front of him, counting down until snapping the pic, when he suddenly shouted out, "RUNNN!" I screamed and jumped five feet forward, and Nate made a mad dash toward Dad. Dad started cracking up, he thought he was so funny. We thought the world was about to end when it was just a little tide coming in. I nearly peed my pants he startled me so bad. So this picture is the one he took on the count of, "One..." He wasted the following two seconds waiting until the perfect moment to tell us the wave was coming in.


*FARMERS* said...

cute pics...i want to go to the beach!! adam and i feel the same way you guys did, it has been WAY too long since we have been back to cannon beach. i don't think roxy has ever even been to the beach :( maybe this summer we can go. the last pic is sweet...nate looks good and i think you needed a ponytail holder! ;p

Stephen said...

You know it's sad how close I live to the beach, and how little time I spend there. But actually, I'm going tomorrow for the first time in a while! But hey, I finally updated. Not much text sadly, it would have bored everyone there would be too many words, so I let pictures do the talking.