December 25th, #2

Christmas No. 6

[Dad's side of the family]

Dad's sister and brother who live in town came over to Mom and Dad's (along with their families) for food and a gift card exchange. It was such a nice way to celebrate together! Nate and I had to trim down our Christmas gift-buying list considerably this year, so the gift card idea fit our budget perfectly.

Pretty much the only time I really get to see or spend time with cousins on Dad's side of the family is at major gatherings, so it was fun to see everyone again. I have to say, I'm always shocked at how much older everyone is...It's amazing!

Another post about Christmas down; one more to go! Hang in there, you loyal lot.

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the mama said...

love the pic of dad slowly slipping into a coma... and so glad i have a sister with the sense of humor to take a pic before suggesting someone perform CPR.