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Christmas No. 4

[Karen's parents and Ricky & Stephen, via marvelous things called phones]

Grandma and Grandpa took the train from Fresno, CA, to Portland, OR, early in December. They stayed with Rick and Karen for right around 3 weeks - it was wonderful having them so close! Nate was as excited as could be :) We had many meals over at Rick and Karen's over those 3 weeks.

On Christmas Eve, we had brunch and then Nate and I raced off to New Seasons to pick up groceries for our contribution to the evening meal. We had a Mexican theme, and, man, it tasted good! Here's the spread:

Once everything was warmed and set out on the table, both boys called, Ricky from South Korea and Stephen from Denver, CO. Karen was on the phone with one, Rick was on the phone with the other. We eventually decided to let the boys talk to each other so we nestled the phones close together - it worked for a minute.

Because I'm typing this like a month after it happened, my memory is a little fuzzy about the order of events that night. I'm pretty sure that we opened the presents from Ricky and Tiffany while we had him on the phone (Stephen did the same from Colorado).

[Ricky, that last picture is for you - Rick was trying the candy you sent and, well, I don't think he thought much of it :) I couldn't resist snapping a picture of his expression...]

The ducks are called "love ducks" and I think they're supposed to bring love into the home they sit in. I think they're darling little ducks! Before Ricky left he asked Nate what Nate wanted him to bring back from South Korea. Nate said, "A little Asian man" - this is what he got (along with the pipe pictured above):

The next set of photos are just family-friendly shots that are meant to make Stephen, Ricky, and Tiffany wish (even more fervently) that they were home right now (I'm cruel). Love to you all!

But I'm not done yet.

After we got off the phone with Ricky and Stephen, we sat down to dinner, which was still warm, imagine that! After dinner we went back to our presents. Stephen called again and we opened presents with him. (Ricky needed to go to bed as it was super late/super early his time.) So here are some pictures from that part of the evening...

We had a really fun Christmas Eve! It was super busy, but a great time. And it was so great to talk to Ricky and Stephen that day - it was sad that they couldn't be there, but we'll see them soon...I think.

Another post is written up and coming soon!

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*FARMERS* said...

ummmmm...i am a little disapointed that i was not invited to the mexican themed meal. you KNOW it is my favorite!! ;) it looks like a fun time! merry christmas, hehe :)