December 26th

Christmas No. 7

[Leslie & Adam]

The day after Christmas was busy! Nate wanted to take a look at some trailers around town, I wanted to stop by some super sales at the mall and use our gift cards, so we tried to find a balance...actually, we ended up just going to the mall. My husband loves me.

I received a phone call from Kristin (friend from Ecola Bible School, roommate at Trinity Western University) as we were driving to the mall - she asked if I would be around later in the day: Grace was in town! Grace lives in Georgia and the last time I saw her was in late 2004/early 2005 sometime. I was excited to find out she was back in town for a little while! Kristin and Grace stopped by for a couple hours; it was so good to see both of them again.

Leslie and Adam arrived for our Christmas together just as Kristin and Grace were leaving...it was a mini EBS reunion!

Leslie, Adam, Nate, and I had dinner and then played our new board game, "Scene-It," from Raymond and Tammy, Nate's aunt and uncle in Clovis, CA. It was f.u.n.! Leslie and Adam are game fiends - we always play a game when we get together with them. Nate is very much not a game person...his resistance to games is amazing. Since he so dislikes games, I don't get to play until people like Leslie and Adam come around, and then Nate's a good sport and joins in. And even has fun!

We always really enjoy getting together with Leslie and Adam - they're a blast :) Leslie is finishing up her schooling in Pendleton, and then they'll be able to move back into the area! Well, kinda. Corvalis is closer than Pendleton, so that's a start. Someday I'll get them all the way back into Portland. I will.

You've made it through my Christmas recap! Way to go!

Thanks for following along...Until later, blessings!


*FARMERS* said...

yay, my own blog! i have to say i was a little disappointed that it was tainted :( the day after christmas was really all about me and adam!! ;) i stole the pics, and the one of me in front of you and not...not so good. i guess you are getting me back for the pics of you that i have posted that you haven't liked :)

the mama said...

good.gawd. 7 christmas'...! gads. now, get on to the REAL updates- the more current ones!

((not that i don't love a super cute pic of adam and leslie... it was SUPER cute))

*FARMERS* said...

thank you rae...that is very kind of you! ;)