DCS Alumni Game

Surprise, there was an alumni game for Damascus Christian at the beginning of January, the little private school I attended for 12 years.

No one really knew it was happening until that day, but Nate and I made it a point to attend...and for our great effort, guess what - we were almost the oldest people there! There were some class members from classes that graduated while I was in junior high, but most of us were in my grade or the grades just above and below us in age. It was weird. And it helped me feel that much older. How grand.

Anyway, here are some pictures! Leslie, these are mostly for you, dearest :) Love you!

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*FARMERS* said...

oh beautiful friends, and our adorable little mascot (baby jake! :) i really wanted to come cuz jeff and seth were playing...but we couldn't :( thanks for the pics i will be stealing some of those! :)