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So I'm skipping several weeks and posting some stuff from yesterday...

I drove out to NoPo (like my slang, Rae Ann?) to meet up with the girls and Mom. We had plans to visit the Portland Art Museum for the "Dancer" exhibit. I've been so pumped about this exhibit - I think I'm going to go back at least a couple more times before it leaves the museum in May.

But I had to get some gas on the way to Rae Ann's place, so I stopped at this station just off of Portland & Interstate. I was blown away by what I paid for gas - and I didn't even fill up! I drive a Volvo sedan, folks! Grr.

[$50.00 for not even 15 gallons, at $3.43 a gallon]

This next picture is of Rae Ann and Ivy in the more contemporary, 20th century part of the museum. I don't think Rae Ann or Mom were nearly as bugged as I was by the guards in the place. I really enjoy the museum and go several times a year, and I'm usually pretty patient with their rules, but when this 20-something-year-old lady guard looked crying Ivy straight in the eyes and told her she needed to stop crying - correction, she couldn't cry - I about blew my top. It was good that we left when we did because I was about to become very ugly and they'd probably never let me back in the museum...

On a lighter note, can you believe this weather? It's 60 degrees today, and it's still FEBRUARY! Praise God for sunshine - it's so heartening!

Up next: Nate's birthday party.

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