most recent inspiration

So I spotted this pack of counting cards wall art at New Seasons last year sometime in October and it's become my baby room inspiration - I'm in love! Nate bought me this set for my birthday.

These next two pictures only enhanced my excitement over this new theme. I found them at Blue Butterfly - I have the one that says "Hope," and I hope to pick up the "Miracle" sign sometime soon.


GrannyNanny said...

Wow - you are so much like mom/Grandma Breck. Those birds remind me so much of what she loved. How nice that it runs in the family!

Jeff & Necia said...

LOVE it! You definitely have a distinct sense of style...something I envy!
How are you? Is Nate staying occupied at home, or will the business start up again soon?
Have you looked at the calendar? Any thoughts which Saturday might work to come over for dinner, and maybe some games?