So sorry.

I haven't posted anything in, like, forever, I know...Please, no yelling. The camera card is somewhere with all my pictures - I will find it. Eventually.

Nate and I have been busy being wrapped up in our cars over the last two weeks. He sold his red Toyota 4x4 (goodbye to the last of our Toyota 4x4s...so sad!) and we're working on selling my Volvo right now. I haven't had a car in over a week now. Between it's random dying and time spent at the mechanics, I just haven't been driving it. It's nice that Nate's still at home working these days because otherwise I'd be completely stuck here.

Yes, so we've been preoccupied and boring. I'll let you know when we get a new car, though! Nate's been finding some good looking Volvos on the internet...I'm excited :)

When I find my camera card, I'll finish posting from Christmas time and at that point I should be up to date!

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